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Why Do Mormons Wear Garments?

Some Latter-day Saints wear Mormon garments, some do not. Mormons who choose to make covenants, or promises, with God in temples are responsible for wearing the temple garment. The garment is a symbol of the promises between God and these covenant-makers. It is also a symbol of the protection of the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

Mormons, like other Christians, believe there are certain actions (Mormons call them ordinances) that a person must take in order to receive eternal salvation. Mormons believe that covenants or promises accompany these ordinances. For example, baptism and confirmation are ordinances where people make covenants with God. There are two ordinances and covenants that Mormons make in temples: endowment and marriage sealing. As part of the endowment, the Mormon garments. female and male, are given to the covenant makers to wear.

Mormons believe in life after death. For people who have not had the opportunity to make the necessary covenants for eternal salvation, Mormons perform these ordinances on behalf of the dead. They do this in their temples. Once these ordinances have been performed, the dead person has the chance to accept or decline these ordinances.