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What are Mormon garments?

Not all Mormons wear garments. However, Mormons who choose to go to the temple and make covenants with God are responsible for wearing Mormon garments. These garments consist of an undershirt and underwear. The underclothing reminds the wearer of the covenants they have made. It also symbolizes Jesus Christ and how his atonement protects those who choose to make and keep covenants with him. 

To make temple covenants, a person must be at least 18 years old and adhere to certain standards like being honest, paying tithing, and believing the doctrines of the Mormon Church. This person also has to be a baptized member of the Mormon Church for at least a year. After meeting the requirements, a person is given a temple recommend, which is a type of admission card. They can go to the temple whenever they choose for a two-year period. 

Once the person has made these covenants, they commit to wearing Mormon temple garments. Garments are only available to be purchased through the Mormon Church by temple recommend holders. Garments come in a variety of fabrics and fits for both females and males.