Mormons are not descended from the major branches of Christianity

Some members of the three largest branches of Christianity do not think Mormons qualify as Christians because they do not descend from the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestant Churches. These churches date their origins to Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles in a direct line. They do not believe that is Mormonism Christian because the Mormon Church cannot do the same. Mormons believe their church is a restored version of biblical Christianity. 

Some members of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Churches do not consider Mormons Christian because Mormons are a “new” religion, without roots in these other religious traditions. However, Christianity had to begin somewhere. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches broke from Judaism. Protestantism grew out of Roman Catholicism. These religions were all “new” religions at some point in their history. 

If you asked a Mormon, is Mormonism Christian? They would reply that they firmly believe it is. Mormons assert that a belief in Jesus Christ is the most important criterion for qualifying for the title of Christian.