Mormon Church Finances: How to Discipline

Dr. Tyler Griffin

Dr. Tyler Griffin

Source Expert

Dr. Tyler Griffin’s career in education started with six years teaching seminary in Brigham City. He then spent seven years instructing at the Logan LDS Institute and helped launch the online seminary program. Currently, he’s a professor at BYU with over ten years of experience. Dr. Griffin co-founded the BYU Virtual Scriptures Group and holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Instructional Technology (Master’s and PhD). He has authored and co-authored several religious books.

Fact Checked by Kevin Prince

Let’s look at this very carefully from a 10,000-foot overview of section 3. Because what’s happened is Joseph lost scripture, and so God is going to need to correct him. There’s going to be some discipline. He’s this 22-year-old poor farmer who has been called to be a prophet and do the work of God by setting up the Mormon church finances and church itself, and yet something went wrong. He gave in to peer pressure. But isn’t it interesting how God takes something that looks like a tragic loss and how God, with His infinite wisdom, can turn it into a glorious learning experience for not only His prophet but for all of us?

You’ll notice in section three what’s going to happen. There’s this nice pattern where God opens section three of Doctrine and Covenants with declaring hope for the work moving forward, that nothing can stop the work from progressing. But then he embeds this little rebuke to Joseph. In the middle section, he’s going to give some hope and then give another rebuke and a warning. And then he’s going to finish the section with hope and with a glorious promise.

Brothers and sisters, there’s a beautiful pattern here for dealing with children, for dealing with people if you’re in a leadership position. You sandwich any rebuke or any correction or any discipline neatly between hope and expressions of love and faith, giving courage to move forward and not give up. And that’s what we see with section three.

By Dr. Tyler Griffin, Source Expert

Dr. Tyler Griffin embarked on his professional journey by teaching seminary courses for a period of six years in Brigham City, Utah. Following that, he dedicated the subsequent seven years to instructing at the Logan LDS Institute, located adjacent to Utah State University. Alongside his participation in the Seminary Preservice program, he spearheaded and supervised the implementation of the online seminary program. Dr. Griffin has been an educator at BYU for well over a decade and holds a co-founding position within the BYU Virtual Scriptures Group. His undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering, while both his master’s and doctorate degrees center around Instructional Technology. Dr. Griffin is the exclusive author of “When Heaven Appears Distant” co-author of “Come Unto Me: Illuminating the Savior’s Life, Mission, Parables, and Miracles” and co-editor of “Millions Shall Rediscover Brother Joseph.”

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