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Many Evangelical Christians acknowledge Mormons’ belief in Jesus Christ, however, they still exclude Mormons from being defined as Christians.

When Mormon, Mitt Romney was running for president in 2007 he gave a speech about his faith in Jesus Christ. Previous to Mitt Romney’s speech, Evangelical Leader, Richard Land suggested that Mormonism was the “Fourth Abrahamic Religion.” Although an Abrahamic religion, Mormonism was still not considered Christian. After Romney’s speech, popular televangelist Joel Osteen said on CBS that he sees Mitt Romney as “being a believer in Christ like me,” but, he also said that Mormonism is different from Christianity. Mormons believe that having faith in the divinity and atonement of Jesus Christ should be the criteria for defining Christianity. For other Christians, believing in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ is not the criteria for deciding are Mormons Christians.