Don Bradley

Don Bradley is an author and historian, who specializes in the early days of the Latter-day Saint Restoration. Bradley graduated with a Master’s in History from Utah State University. Don Bradley completed an internship at the Joseph Smith Papers Project and served as the main researcher for Brian C. Hales’s Joseph Smith’s Polygamy series. His publications cover diverse topics, including the translation of the Book of Mormon, pre-Nauvoo plural marriage, Joseph Smith’s “grand fundamental principles of Mormonism,” the First Vision, and the lost pages of the Book of Mormon. In 2021, he received the Mormon History Association Best Article Award for his contribution on the Kinderhook plates.

Courses Taught: REL 200 (Eternal Family); REL 431 (Doctrines of the Gospel); REL 275 (Teachings of the Book of Mormon); REL 480 (Church Organization and Leadership); REL 324 and 325 (Doctrine and Covenants I and II).

Areas of Specialization: Profound expertise in temple symbolism, the influence of restoration doctrines on daily religious life, and the correlation between immigration and the expansion of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.