The Priesthood Ban Ends in 1978

The Mormon priesthood ban for Black Mormons ended when President Spencer W. Kimball received a revelation. A few days later, the Twelve Apostles also received spiritual confirmation that President Kimball’s revelation was from the Lord. The revelation was shared with the members of the church. The revelation was officially added to the Doctrine & Covenants as Official Declaration 2 by the vote of the church membership during the next General Conference on September 30, 1978.

According to Spencer W. Kimball’s son, Edward L. Kimball, his father sought revelation on ending the Mormon priesthood ban for years. Edward edited a book about his father’s teachings and some of his father’s writings were included in the volume. Included in this volume are some writings of President Kimball about the LDS priesthood ban, in which he said that the Lord could “release the ban and forgive the possible error which brought about the deprivation.”

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