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Is Mormon Underwear “Magic Underwear”? Do Mormon Garments Provide Physical Protection?

The general handbook for the Mormon Church says that garments are worn as “a reminder of covenants made in the temple and, when worn properly throughout life, will serve as a protection against temptation and evil.” Since Mormon garments are associated with protection by those who wear garments, outsiders have associated “magical” properties with them. However, the Mormon Church characterizes this protection as largely spiritual in nature, not magical.

Some Mormons tell personal experiences of being protected from physical harm because of their garments. For example, Bill Marriott, a well-known Mormon businessman, told a story on CBS about his belief that his garments protected him from being burned in a fire. There are many other such anecdotal stories about garments offering physical protection. While these stories are told, the Mormon Church characterized the protection that Mormon temple garments offer as mainly spiritual.