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Do Garments Have a Biblical Basis?

In the Bible, there are multiple stories about those who made covenants with God being commanded to wear special clothing. Here are three examples: 

  • In Genesis 3:21 Adam and Eve wear coats of skins given to them by God.
  • In Exodus 28 Aaron and his sons are commanded to wear special garments when acting as priests to the Children of Israel.
  • In Numbers 15:37-41 the Children of Israel are commanded to make garments with fringes at the border to remember the commandments of the Lord. Modern-day Jews wear this and call it a prayer shawl. 

Early Christian records also talk about Christians who made covenants with God wearing special white linen clothing. These references appear in the Pistis Sophia and in the writings of Cyril of Jerusalem. The clothing in these references has similarities to the garments that the Aaronic priests of the Old Testament wore. Mormons who wear garments believe that Mormon temple garments are connected to those early Christian pieces of clothing.